The 2018 Olympia weekend: A Comparison to a Las Vegas Casino

  • By: jacob foxx
  • Date: October 5, 2023

Get ready to experience the electrifying atmosphere of the 2018 Olympia weekend, where the world of bodybuilding and fitness collides in a dazzling spectacle that can only be compared to the glitz and glamour of a Las Vegas casino.

This year, the event showcases four exciting women’s divisions: bikini, figure, physique, and fitness. As defending champion Angelica Teixeira and Ashley Kaltwasser battle it out in the bikini division, Latorya Watts, Candice Lewis-Carter, and Cydney Gillon bring their A-game to the figure division.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on Shanique Grant, the favored contender in the women’s physique division. And let’s not forget about Whitney Jones and Myriam Capes, who are the fan favorites in the fitness division.

With a multitude of strong competitors across all divisions, the 2018 Olympia weekend promises to be a thrilling competition from start to finish. So buckle up and be prepared to witness an unforgettable display of strength, grace, and determination.

Bodybuilding Divisions

When it comes to the world of bodybuilding, there are several divisions that athletes compete in. Each division has its own unique set of criteria and poses that the competitors must adhere to. In this article, we will explore the four main divisions in women’s bodybuilding: bikini, figure, physique, and fitness.

Bikini Division

The bikini division is perhaps the most well-known and popular division in women’s bodybuilding. This division focuses on overall body shape and symmetry, with an emphasis on a lean and toned physique. Competitors in this division typically have a healthy amount of muscle mass and are not as heavily muscled as those in other divisions.

Figure Division

The figure division is a step up from the bikini division in terms of muscle mass. Competitors in this division are expected to have more muscle definition and a larger amount of overall muscle mass. Judges look for balance, proportion, and shape when evaluating athletes in the figure division. This division combines athleticism with muscle development.

Physique Division

The physique division takes muscle development to the next level. Athletes in this division have a much larger amount of muscle mass compared to the bikini and figure divisions. They showcase a high level of muscularity while still maintaining a feminine physique. Judges in this division are looking for a balance between muscle size, symmetry, and overall conditioning.

Fitness Division

The fitness division is unique in that it combines aspects of bodybuilding with gymnastics and other athletic feats. Competitors in this division not only have a well-developed muscular physique but also perform a two-minute routine that showcases their strength, flexibility, and athleticism. The routines often include flips, jumps, and other impressive displays of physical prowess.

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Top Contenders in the Bikini Division

The bikini division always brings excitement and fierce competition to the stage. In the 2018 Olympia weekend, two top contenders stood out among the rest: Angelica Teixeira and Ashley Kaltwasser.

Angelica Teixeira, the defending champion, has proven herself time and time again on the Olympia stage. She possesses a beautifully toned and proportional physique that embodies the ideals of the bikini division. Her stage presence is mesmerizing, commanding the attention of both the judges and the audience.

Ashley Kaltwasser, on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with. She is a three-time Olympia champion and has consistently showcased her incredible physique and stage presence. With her impeccable conditioning and muscularity, Kaltwasser is always a strong contender for the top spot in the bikini division.

Top Contenders in the Figure Division

The figure division is known for its combination of athleticism and muscle development. In the 2018 Olympia weekend, three competitors stood out as top contenders: Latorya Watts, Candice Lewis-Carter, and Cydney Gillon.

Latorya Watts is a two-time figure Olympia champion who has consistently demonstrated her exceptional muscle definition and overall symmetry. She brings a level of elegance and grace to the stage that is hard to match.

Candice Lewis-Carter, another standout in the figure division, has an incredibly well-balanced physique with just the right amount of muscle mass. Her muscle definition is remarkable, and she always presents herself with poise and confidence.

Cydney Gillon, the 2017 Olympia champion, is known for her incredible muscle size and conditioning. She has a powerful and muscular physique that demands attention. Gillon is always a formidable competitor in the figure division.

Favored Winner in the Women’s Physique Division

When it comes to the women’s physique division, one athlete is favored to take the top spot in the 2018 Olympia weekend: Shanique Grant. With her exceptional muscle size and incredible conditioning, Grant has consistently dominated the women’s physique division. Her stage presence and overall package make her a clear favorite to win the division.

Favorites in the Fitness Division

In the fitness division, two athletes have emerged as favorites in the 2018 Olympia weekend: Whitney Jones and Myriam Capes.

Whitney Jones is a former gymnast who brings a unique blend of athleticism and muscle development to the fitness division. Her routines are always a spectacle, showcasing her incredible strength, flexibility, and dynamic stage presence.

Myriam Capes is a seasoned competitor in the fitness division, known for her exceptional muscle development and flawless routines. Her ability to seamlessly combine strength elements with intricate choreography sets her apart from the competition.

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Other Strong Competitors

While the top contenders in each division often steal the spotlight, it’s important to acknowledge the other strong competitors who consistently push the boundaries in their respective divisions.

In the men’s bodybuilding division, athletes like Phil Heath, Roelly Winklaar, and William Bonac always bring their A-game to the stage. These athletes showcase the epitome of muscular development and conditioning, setting the standard for what it means to be a bodybuilder.

The classic physique division, a throwback to the golden era of bodybuilding, showcases athletes like Breon Ansley, Chris Bumstead, and Arash Rahbar. These athletes combine the aesthetics of the past with the muscle mass and conditioning of the present, captivating audiences with their timeless physiques.

Lastly, the men’s physique division highlights athletes like Andre Ferguson, Raymont Edmonds, and Brandon Hendrickson. These competitors possess a well-developed but not overly muscular physique, with an emphasis on v-taper and overall aesthetics.

As the 2018 Olympia weekend approaches, fans of bodybuilding eagerly await to see who will come out on top in each division. The combination of incredible athleticism, dedication, and aesthetics on display is sure to make the Olympia weekend a spectacle comparable to a Las Vegas casino. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as these incredible athletes showcase their hard work on the grand stage.

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