Keanu Reeves’ Workout Routine And Diet Plan – Revealed

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  • Date: February 16, 2023
Keanu Reeves’ Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Keanu Reeves is an internationally renowned Hollywood actor who enjoys a large and loyal fan base.

Even though he is in his late 50s, Reeves has been able to maintain remarkably high levels of fitness.

The key to his physical prowess lies in both his exercise regimen and the way he views food.

Throughout his life, he has made sure to prioritize proper nutrition and physical activity, finding ways to incorporate regular workouts into his already demanding schedule.

This dedication has paid off and he is reaping the rewards of his commitment with a range of impressive physical feats that are easily remarkable for someone of such an age.

Keanu Reeves’ Workout Principles

Keanu Reeves is a great example of holistic health and fitness, dedicating several hours a week consistently to exercise.

His usual plan involves weight training, cardio, and martial arts, normally for about an hour each day five to six days a week.

When he needs to play the buffed-up action star roles he is renowned for, however, he increases this to four or five hours daily concurrently.

This demonstrates that with dedication and consistency, anyone can adopt a well-rounded approach to improving their physical health and obtain an impressive figure.

Keanu Reeves’ Workout Routine

Keanu Reeves has impressed audiences with his insane stunts and physical prowess in films like the Matrix.

To maintain his highly fit and agile body, he relies on a carefully crafted workout routine that fuses multiple training styles.

According to experts, this type of workout allows Reeves to optimize his training, while closely monitoring progress and recovery.

As a result, he can stay in peak physical condition so he can perform the exhilarating stunts viewers see on the big screen.



Keanu Reeves will do a 20-minute run to start off the week. He likes to switch between jogging and sprinting to get his heart rate up and burn calories quickly. He pairs this cardio with some dynamic stretching and foam rolling for 10 minutes before and after, which helps him stay flexible and mobile. 


Keanu will then do four sets of 8-12 reps of bench press for chest strength, followed by three sets of 8-12 reps of barbell shoulder press for shoulder strength. This is followed by 3 sets of 12-15 reps of tricep dips, as well as 3 sets of 8-12 reps of cable flys. 


To wrap up his upper body workout he’ll do four sets of 8-12 reps of bent over rows to target his back muscles as well as three sets eight to twelve chin ups. 



Today, Keanu Reeves will hit the elliptical machine for a 30 minute low impact cardio session to give his joints a break from running. Afterward, he’ll do some static stretching and foam rolling for 5 minutes before and after his session. 


Keanu will start with 4 sets of 8-10 squats, followed by 3 sets 12-15 lunges per side for lower body strength. Then he’ll move onto four sets of 12-15 leg curls for hamstrings, followed by three sets 0f 10-15 calf raises per foot to finish out this leg session. 



For today’s exercise routine, Keanu will mix it up a bit and go for a swim in the pool for thirty minutes at an easy pace.

Swimming is great because it increases mobility while still getting the heart rate up and burning calories without putting too much pressure on the joints or muscles like running or lifting can sometimes do. He follows it up with some light stretching to stay loose and limber afterwards. 

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Afterwards, he’ll move onto core exercises such as planks (3 sets 20-30 seconds), mountain climbers (3 sets 15 reps each side), lying hip bridge holds (3 sets 30 seconds), medicine ball slams (3 sets 15 reps), Russian twists (3sets 10reps each side).

These exercises help keep him strong in all directions which serves him well when shooting action scenes or doing stunts in movies!  



Today Keanu Reeves opts for something low-impact that can help get his blood pumping but won’t put too much strain on his body jumping rope!

He does 3 rounds each lasting two minutes with some intervals thrown in between so that he can keep pushing himself further each round until he reaches exhaustion!

Afterward, he does some dynamic stretching to stay loose before moving on weights later on in the day! 


Next, he moves onto bicep curl variations such as hammer curls (3 sets 10 reps), concentration curls (3 sets 10 reps), and alternating dumbbell curls (3 sets 10 reps each side).

Afterward, he moves onto triceps exercises such as skull crushers (3 sets 10 reps), triceps push downs (3 sets 10 reps), and overhead tricep extensions (3 sets 10 reps).

His arm workouts are heavy focus on isolation exercises that help build muscle endurance without adding bulk weight!  


Low Impact Cardio:

The end of the workweek is here, so today Keanu prefers to take things down a notch with some low-impact cardio like a rowing machine or stair climber sessions while keeping track of his time spent on each machine so that he can alternate between them every few minutes or so during his thirty-minute workout!

Afterward, he indulges himself with ten minutes worth of static stretching which helps relax any soreness from earlier in the week!  

Legs/Core Circuit Workout:

Finally, Keanu ends his weekly workout regimen with a high-intensity circuit training session geared toward legs/core day!

This consists of lunges combined with medicine ball slams(4rounds 30seconds each exercise), dumbbell squats combined with plank holds(4rounds 30seconds each exercise), and split squats combined with Russian Twists(4rounds 30seconds each exercise).

This keeps things fun and challenging while still targeting all those important leg muscles & core stability muscles that are so essential to staying healthy & fit throughout life!!

Saturday and Sunday – Rest Day

Keanu Reeves’ Workout Routine

Martial arts

Keanu Reeves is no stranger to martial arts. After all, he showcased his skills in the iconic action films “John Wick” and “The Matrix”.

To prepare for these roles, he was trained in jiu-jitsu, judo, and tactical shooting on top of having a natural skill for these activities.

Even now, he still practices mobility and agility drills from his original training regimen which helps maintain his body fitness.

This dedication to fitness not only solidifies him as an action icon but also shows the value of discipline when keeping healthy habits.

Keanu Reeves’ Diet Plan

Keanu Reeves follows a healthy, balanced diet to maintain his energy levels and meet his nutritional needs.

The basis of his diet consists of high proteins, lower fats, and moderate carbs from sources such as rice and pasta.

Additionally, he incorporates a good proportion of vegetables into his daily meals which provide him with essential vitamins and minerals.

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By following this sensible approach to his diet plan, he can take good care of himself and maximize his performance in all aspects of life.

Sample meal plans for Keanu Reeves’ diet plan


Keanu Reeves starts his day with a protein-packed breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and avocado on toast.

To make sure he’s getting the necessary vitamins and minerals, he adds a side of steamed kale and spinach topped with olive oil and lemon juice. To top it off he has a cup of black coffee to give him the energy to start his day.


For lunch, Keanu Reeves opts for a healthier choice such as a large salad with grilled chicken and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers. He adds some nuts for crunch and an olive oil-based dressing for flavor.


For dinner, Keanu Reeves goes for a classic protein-carb combination such as grilled salmon with steamed brown rice and vegetables like broccoli and carrots. He also sometimes indulges in a small portion of his favorite dessert – ice cream!


In between meals, Keanu Reeves likes to snack on fruits like apples, bananas or grapes as well as nuts and protein bars. He also enjoys a cup of green tea for an extra boost of energy!

By following these healthy eating habits, Keanu Reeves can stay in shape while still meeting his nutritional needs.

Keanu Reeves’ Supplements & Recommendations

Keanu Reeves has an admirable commitment to fitness, and his supplement stack is no exception.

His nutrition plan is designed to be complete and wholesome, consisting of whey protein, BCAAs, probiotics, magnesium, omega-3s, and multivitamins.

All of these supplements contribute to successful physical training in a variety of ways. For instance, they provide energy for intense workouts, help build muscle mass, keep the body in an anabolic state, and increase metabolism.

Also, these nutritional supplements not only fight inflammation, but they also make up for any dietary gaps that might exist. Without a doubt, Reeves takes supplements that are good for his health and well-being.

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