Australian Strongman Breaks World Record by Pulling 44,753-Pound Crane

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  • Date: October 5, 2023
Australian Strongman Breaks World Record by Pulling 44,753-Pound Crane

In a remarkable display of strength and determination, Australian strongman Jordan “Biggie” Steffens has shattered the world record for pulling the heaviest vehicle with his upper body.

Surpassing the previous record set by Canadian strongman Kevin Fast, Steffens successfully pulled a massive 44,753-pound hydraulic crane a distance of 16.4 feet. This incredible feat, announced by Guinness World Records, highlights Steffens’ exceptional upper-body strength and endurance.

Despite facing previous injuries, Steffens persevered through a rigorous training regimen to achieve this remarkable accomplishment. With his eyes set on new challenges and charitable endeavors, Steffens continues to stun the world with his strength and resilience.



Imagine the sheer strength and power it takes to pull an enormous vehicle with just your upper body. Well, Australian strongman Jordan “Biggie” Steffens did just that, breaking the world record for the heaviest vehicle pulled with the upper body. In this article, we’ll delve into Steffens’ incredible achievement, his training and preparation, his charitable efforts, his previous achievements, his nutrition plan, and his future plans and challenges.

Previous world record

Before Steffens’ remarkable feat, the record for the heaviest vehicle pulled with the upper body was held by Canadian strongman Kevin Fast. Fast pulled a 28,850-pound New York City public bus down Manhattan’s West 67th Street, which captivated a live television audience. Steffens not only surpassed this record; he shattered it by a wide margin.

Jordan Steffens’ achievement

On September 28, 2023, Guinness World Records announced that Steffens pulled a massive 44,753-pound hydraulic crane a distance of 16.4 feet, setting a new world record. This incredible display of strength and determination has solidified Steffens’ position as one of Australia’s standout strongmen.

Training and Preparation

Focus on back and arm muscles

To prepare for the record-breaking crane pull, Steffens focused his training efforts on developing his back and arm muscles. Since Guinness World Records rules stipulate that the challenger must be in a seated position, he knew that strong back and arm muscles would be crucial for generating the power needed to pull such a heavy weight.

Overcoming injuries

Steffens has faced and overcome significant injuries throughout his career. In 2019, he suffered a ruptured left biceps, which required 12 weeks of surgery and rehabilitation. Then, in 2021, he endured the same injury in his right biceps. Despite these setbacks, Steffens persevered, starting from square one each time and rebuilding his strength and power.

Six months of preparation

Steffens dedicated six months of intense preparation specifically for the crane pull. This period allowed him to build the strength, endurance, and mental focus necessary to achieve his goal. His hard work and commitment paid off when he successfully completed the record-breaking feat.

The Record-Breaking Feat

Details of the crane pull

The crane pull required Steffens to exert an incredible amount of force using only his upper body. The challenge was not only physically demanding but also mentally challenging, as he had to maintain focus and drive throughout the entire pull.

Distance and weight pulled

Steffens pulled the 44,753-pound hydraulic crane an impressive distance of 16.4 feet. This feat demonstrates his raw power and shows the remarkable capabilities of the human body when pushed to its limits.

Setting a new world record

By accomplishing this record-breaking crane pull, Steffens has firmly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of strongman competitions. His achievement will go down in history as an extraordinary feat of human strength and determination.

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Charitable Efforts

Supporting the Starlight Children’s Foundation

Steffens’ incredible achievement was not just about personal glory. He used the crane pull as an opportunity to support the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity organization that brings happiness to seriously ill children. By raising money and awareness for this cause, Steffens demonstrated his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the realm of strongman competitions.

Raising money for charity

During the 2023 Royal Adelaide Show, Steffens performed the crane pull once again, this time pulling a giant purple crane named “Barney.” This impressive display of strength and determination helped him raise over $25,000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Steffens’ charitable efforts showcase not only his physical capabilities but also his big heart and desire to help others.

Performing at the Royal Adelaide Show

The Royal Adelaide Show provided Steffens with a platform to showcase his strength and entertain the audience. His presence at the event not only raised money for charity but also inspired and entertained the spectators. Steffens’ captivating performance left a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed it.

Previous Achievements

Fastest 20-meter by a three-person tower

In 2021, Steffens achieved another Guinness World Record title when he, along with fellow Australians Shani Stephens and Josh Strachan, accomplished the fastest 20-meter pull by a three-person tower. This accomplishment further solidified Steffens’ reputation as a powerhouse in the world of strongman competitions.

Other Guinness World Records titles

Steffens’ record-breaking crane pull is not his first venture into the realm of Guinness World Records. His impressive list of achievements also includes other titles that highlight his exceptional strength and endurance. These records serve as a testament to his dedication and hard work in pushing the boundaries of human performance.

Achievements and accolades

Beyond his Guinness World Records titles, Steffens has received numerous accolades throughout his career. His incredible feats of strength and power have gained recognition both nationally and internationally, establishing him as one of the most formidable strongmen in Australia. Steffens’ achievements continue to inspire aspiring strongmen and captivate audiences around the world.

Jordan Steffens’ Nutrition

Eating regimen for optimal performance

To fuel his high-intensity activities, Steffens follows a meticulous eating regimen. He consumes a significant amount of food to support his training and performance goals. Steffens’ nutrition plan is carefully designed to provide him with sufficient protein for muscle growth and recovery, as well as carbohydrates to fuel his anaerobically demanding activities.

High protein and carbohydrate intake

Steffens’ daily meals are structured to ensure he gets an ample amount of protein and carbohydrates. For breakfast, he typically consumes six to eight eggs, four pieces of toast, fruit, and a protein shake. Every three hours, he eats a meal consisting of meat (chicken, beef, lamb, fish, or kangaroo), vegetables, and a generous serving of rice or pasta. This nutrition plan helps him maintain the energy and strength necessary for his demanding training and competition schedule.

Fueling for high-intensity activities

Steffens’ diet is tailored to meet the demands of his high-intensity activities. By providing his body with the necessary nutrients, he optimizes his performance and maximizes his potential. Steffens’ commitment to proper nutrition is a crucial factor in his ability to continuously push the limits and achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

Future Plans and Challenges

Upcoming goals and aspirations

As the year comes to a close, Steffens has big plans for the future. With two Guinness World Records titles under his belt, he aims to take on even greater challenges and continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Steffens’ unwavering determination and hunger for success make him a formidable force in the world of strongman competitions.

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Taking on new challenges

Steffens thrives on pushing himself to new heights. He does not settle for past accomplishments but is constantly seeking new challenges to test his strength and endurance. Steffens’ unwavering drive to conquer new feats is what sets him apart and keeps him at the top of his game.

Continued charity work

Steffens’ commitment to charitable efforts will remain a priority in his future endeavors. He recognizes the power of his platform as a strongman to make a positive impact on society. Steffens’ passion for helping others, combined with his extraordinary physical abilities, positions him as an influential figure in the world of charitable giving.

Staying Healthy and Setting Records

Importance of maintaining health

Steffens understands the vital importance of maintaining his health to sustain his performance and set new world records. He prioritizes injury prevention, proper nutrition, and overall well-being. By taking care of his body and mind, Steffens ensures that he can continue to achieve remarkable feats in the world of strongman competitions.

Possibility of setting more records

Given Steffens’ track record of achievements, it is highly likely that he will set more world records in the future. His determination, dedication, and physical capabilities make him a prime candidate for continuously pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible. Steffens’ pursuit of excellence and hunger for success will undoubtedly lead him to set even more extraordinary records.

Future prospects and aspirations

Steffens’ future in the world of strongman competitions is bright. With his remarkable achievements, dedication to charity work, and unquestionable talent, he has the potential to become an icon in the industry. Steffens’ story serves as a powerful inspiration for aspiring strongmen and individuals looking to accomplish great things in their own lives.


Jordan Steffens’ world record-breaking crane pull is a testament to the incredible strength and determination that resides within him. His unwavering commitment to his training and preparation, his support for charitable causes, and his numerous achievements make him a standout figure in the world of strongman competitions. As Steffens continues to push the limits and set new records, his impact on the sport and his community will undoubtedly be felt for years to come.

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