Franco Columbu Workout Routine

Franco Columbu Workout Routine

If you’ve ever wondered how boxing legend Franco Columbu trains, you are in luck. In this article, I’ll share with you His chest, leg, bench press, and squat routines. You can follow along and start getting the ripped body of your dreams! Here, you’ll learn how Franco Columbu shaped his physique in just four weeks. Hopefully, you can use this as a blueprint to achieve your own fitness goals!

Franco Columbu’s chest workout

One of the most famous bodybuilders in history had a very unusual training split. In order to achieve the massive chest and back he possessed, he trained every muscle group twice per week, two to three times a day. His schedule consisted of six training sessions a week, each targeting a different muscle group twice a week. He worked out different muscle groups twice daily and used a wide variety of exercises.

While the beginner’s workout may seem simple, advanced bodybuilders should not dismiss it. This routine can take hours to complete, so it is important to listen to your body and focus on your goals. You’ll have to do the workout for at least one full month, as it requires a disciplined approach. The workout is based on three different muscle groups, each targeted with three separate sets. Each set can consist of as many as twenty repetitions.

The French bodybuilder did not train his chest muscle groups every day. Instead, he did them only twice a week, allowing plenty of rest between workouts. Despite the fact that Franco Columbu never placed higher than fifth place in bodybuilding competitions, his workout routines can be a valuable resource for those who are just starting to build their chests. If you’re interested in Franco Columbu’s routine, here’s a look at the exercises he used.

While the muscles in Franco Columbu’s chest might seem intimidating to many, they’re actually not that difficult to build. The Italian was nine inches shorter than Arnold Schwarzenegger, but his chest is still among the strongest of all time. In fact, he was able to maintain a symmetrical body thanks to the free-weight compound basics. So, try it out and build a chest like Franco!

For beginners, you can use any combination of exercises to get the best results. You can also modify his exercises to fit your goals, whether they be for fitness or powerlifting. You can even make up your own chest workout routine to maximize your results. You’ll be happy with the results! If you’re serious about building your chest, Franco Columbu’s workout routine can make the difference between a ripped chest and an unhealthy body.

His leg workout

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to build massive legs, try following Franco Columbu’s workout routine. He competed in the 1977 World’s Strongest Man competition and was able to earn the fifth place finish. His training routine includes seven sets of barbell squats and leg presses, six sets of deadlifts, and leg extensions. In addition, he trained his back with pull-ups and heavy compound lifts.

In the beginning, Franco Columbu started as a puny, half-starved boy from Sardinia. He was an awkward and scrawny child and often got into scraps with local kids. But eventually, he discovered his gift for weightlifting and was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s main training partner. They became fast friends and pushed each other to the limits. As a result, Franco Columbu’s leg workout routine looks very similar to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As an added benefit, Franco Columbu’s workout routine includes cardio and free weights, which is a must-have for anyone who is serious about building an incredible physique. You’ll see how his body grew over the years and how he was able to keep up with Arnold. With the right exercises and motivation, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the physique of your dreams. It won’t take you hours to build a similar physique to Franco.

As with his arms, the exercises he recommends for leg development include seated French presses, triceps push-downs, and more. While arm exercises are essential for building muscle and developing strength, leg exercises have been overlooked for a long time by amateurs. Despite their vulnerability, they are often the most neglected. In contrast to other muscle groups, leg exercises are not only easier to do but also have a bigger impact on your health and overall fitness.

Besides training the entire body, Franco Columbu had a highly unconventional training schedule. He worked out 6 days a week, hitting different muscle groups twice. His abdominals were worked three to four days a week and he would do heavy deadlifts on alternate days. His chest was equally impressive, and he favored bench press, incline press, dips, and chest fly. This workout routine allowed him to reach the shelf-like upper chest he had so coveted in his day.

His squat workout

Many people aren’t aware of the variety of variations on the basic squat. The basic squat is a basic exercise that engages the largest muscles in the body, thereby providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. This exercise will also help you build muscle definition by lifting your butt. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms at your sides. Repeat this movement for three sets.

His bench press workout

His bench press workout routine consisted of three sets of ten repetitions, with the weight increased as he became stronger. The focus of the bench press workout is learning proper technique, getting the muscles accustomed to the weight, and practicing the exercise on a regular basis. Bench pressing twice a week is ideal for quick gains in strength, and will also decrease the risk of overuse injury. But, it is not for everyone.

To start, work on your weaknesses. If you struggle with the middle portion of the press, start with a weight that you’re comfortable lifting but struggling with. Try to do four reps on the last set, and then increase the weight the following time. This will help you develop the muscle groups that are weaker in the middle section of the lift. His bench press workout routine is very detailed and includes a log of each set.

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