Dacre Montgomery Workout Routine And Diet Plan – Explained

  • By: jacob foxx
  • Date: January 28, 2023

Dacre Montgomery, most recognized from his role as Billy Hargrove in the hit show Stranger Things, has become one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood.

What many don’t know about Dacre is that he wasn’t always a fitness icon; in fact, he was heavily overweight in high school and experienced bullying because of it.

To regain control of his life, Dacre took some time off before college and focused on his health.

After learning that exercise was good for his body and mind, he lost 55 pounds and started lifting weights regularly. This helped him grow not only physically, but also mentally.

Now he has cultivated an incredibly successful career while inspiring thousands to take charge of their well-being as he did.

Dacre Montgomery has taken an interesting tack in his fitness routine. When he injured himself while attempting to lift more than he could handle, the actor turned to yoga and stretching.

This gave him a better balance of mental and physical well-being. While filming Power Rangers, Dacre Montgomery took up boxing and resumed lifting weights, but with a greater degree of caution.

When he started on Stranger Things, he was already familiar with low-weight high-repetition workouts that involve resistance bands as well as static holds.

His girlfriend taught him how to surf, which is a great cross-training move that goes well with any exercise routine.

Dacre Montgomery Workout Routine And Diet Plan – Explained

Dacre Montgomery Workout Plan

The Dacre Montgomery “Stranger Things” workout routine has gained a lot of attention, as it emphasizes high reps with light weights, static holds, and boxing exercises.

What’s more, resistance bands can be incorporated to further challenge the body. Adherence to this regimen does yield impressive results, which is all too evident when looking at the actor’s physique.

For those aiming for a leaner build that is closer to Keanu Reeves than Dwayne Johnson, this surefire method is worth considering.

Monday: Dacre Montgomery starts his Monday with a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. He will start by jogging for five minutes to warm up, then do 10 minutes of sprinting and 10 minutes of running at an incline.

Following the cardio portion, he will begin lifting weights. First, he’ll do 3 sets of 12 reps of squats, followed by 3 sets of 15 push-ups and 3 sets each of lunges, triceps dips, and pull-ups.

Tuesday: On Tuesdays, Dacre Montgomery does a circuit training routine. He will do 20 minutes on the treadmill or stationary bike at an incline at moderate speed. He follows this with a set of 3 reps each of squats, weighted lunges, dips, and pull-ups.

Wednesday: Wednesdays are for boxing exercises for Dacre Montgomery. He will do shoulder presses, plyometric push-ups, burpees and box jumps all with variations to make the routine more challenging.

Thursday: On Thursdays, Dacre Montgomery adds a yoga session to his routine. He will do the poses for 30 minutes and concentrate on stretching and breathing exercises.

Friday: Fridays are all about cardio for Dacre Montgomery. He will increase his intervals on the treadmill or stationary bike to 45 minutes at a higher speed than on Tuesday.

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Saturday: Saturdays are reserved for rest. Dacre Montgomery will spend the day with friends, going out to lunch or dinner, watching a movie anything that takes his mind off of work and fitness.

Sunday: Dacre Montgomery ends the week with an active recovery day. He’ll go for a walk or bike ride for an hour, followed by light stretching and breathing exercises.

By following Dacre Montgomery’s “Stranger Things” workout routine, you can get in shape, lose weight, and gain confidence all at the same time. The actor has proven that it is possible to overcome bullying and become successful by taking charge of your health and fitness.

Dacre Montgomery’s Diet Plan

Playing the role of bad boy Billy Hargrove on the hit Netflix show Stranger Things was no small feat, but actor Dacre Montgomery was no stranger to intense physical transformation.

To portray Hargrove’s athletic frame, he had to work extra hard in the gym as his physique had slimmed down since his days in Hollywood’s Power Rangers movie.

To build up muscle mass and gain the frame that his character required, Dacre threw caution to the wind by eating more of everything to increase his calorie intake and add bulk to his figure – both carbs and proteins were necessary for this.

The result of this hard work certainly paid off; Montgomery’s portrayal of Hargrove has become an iconic part of Phantom Creek culture.

Montgomery went the extra mile to bulk up for a specific role, and his dedication set an example for others looking to do the same.

To follow his lead, focus on eating plenty of complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole grain bread, and incorporate lean proteins such as chicken breast or fish into your meals.

It is also beneficial to avoid alcohol and junk food to get maximum results; these unhealthy choices will impede your progress. Keeping up this disciplined dietary plan can help you achieve your desired physique.

Sample Meal’s for Dacre Montgomery Diet Plan:

Breakfast: Dacre Montgomery starts his day with a hearty breakfast that includes a protein and complex carbohydrates.

This can include two eggs cooked in coconut oil, half an avocado, and one slice of whole-grain toast. He also enjoys a cup of green tea for his morning caffeine fix.

Lunch: For lunch, Montgomery opts for something light yet filling. He often has a salad with grilled chicken and vegetables, or roasted vegetables with quinoa and black beans.

Dinner: At dinner, he likes to have something hearty but not too heavy. His favorite dinner meals consist of salmon or steak cooked in spices and herbs with side dishes like baked sweet potatoes or steamed broccoli.

Snacks: Dacre knows the importance of snacking throughout the day to keep his energy levels up. He enjoys eating protein bars, yogurt, nuts, nut butter on whole grain crackers, and fresh fruit as snacks.

dacre montgomery workout routine

Dacre Montgomery’s Supplements & Recommendations

Dacre Montgomery knows how important it is to take nutritional supplements to help his diet and workout plan.

He recommends taking a multivitamin daily to ensure that he is getting adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. He also takes an omega-3 fatty acid supplement for overall health and well-being, as well as whey protein powder to support muscle growth and repair after heavy workouts.

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In addition to these supplements, Dacre says to drink a lot of water throughout the day and especially during hard workouts to stay hydrated.

He also recommends incorporating high-quality sources of micronutrients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into his diet regularly to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals.

To ensure that he has enough energy for his demanding lifestyle, Dacre consumes complex carbohydrates such as quinoa or oatmeal before exercise sessions. This helps him maintain energy levels during strenuous activities and prevents any feelings of fatigue or lightheadedness.

He also says that getting enough sleep each night is important so that the body can recover from physical activity.

Lastly, Dacre believes that proper nutrition is key when it comes to staying fit; he focuses on eating lean proteins with every meal for satiation and healthy fats for energy production.

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