Liver King’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan – Revealed

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  • Date: January 28, 2023
Liver King's Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Brian Johnson, or ‘Liver King’ as his fans have nicknamed him, is well known for the unique lifestyle he has developed to stay in peak physical condition.

His regimen includes heavy log lifting, runs and walks through the boot-stomping terrain of the woodlands, daily ice-cold showers, and even a diet involving raw meat.

It’s no surprise that Brian has built up an impressive following due to this approach; his Instagram account alone has 1.7 million followers, and he has over 185K subscribers on YouTube.

Fitness fanatics and amateur athletes alike flock to these channels to learn more about his workout routine and diet plan, and who knows? Maybe Liver King can help you reach some new personal bests too!

Liver King’s Workout Principles

Liver King is an inspiration to all of us. Not just content with your traditional gym membership, he creates a unique, holistic workout routine that is sure to give him the best in strength, size, and endurance benefits.

The liver King adjusts it to his goals and gives equal importance to recovery and rest days. He also adds functional training to his gym workouts, which shows that he knows health can be achieved in different ways.

We only see bigger and better things ahead for Liver King’s future with a holistic approach firmly in place as part of his approach to health and wellbeing!

Liver King’s Workout Routine

Liver King enjoys being outside, and he is always pushing his limits and trying to do better. He takes working out seriously, training 6-7 days a week with no rest days off!

His goal? is to get the most out of his workouts while building strength and improving cardio endurance.

His go-to activities are lifting heavy weights, running, and walking outdoors, which allow him to make significant gains in both endurance and strength.

Liver King reveals the fierce dedication he has for constantly pushing himself through his routine; nothing’s going to stop him from getting that amazing workout!


In the morning, Liver King starts his day with a 45-minute run at a steady pace to get his heart rate up and stimulate his muscles for the upcoming workout.

After the run, he goes straight into the weight room and performs 5 sets of 8–10 reps of barbell squats and 4 sets of 10–12 reps of barbell deadlifts to build strength in his lower body.

He then moves onto the dumbbell bench press with 3 sets of 8–10 reps, followed by 3 sets of 10–12 reps of bent-over rows to hit all major muscle groups.

To finish off this workout, Liver King does 2 sets of 12–15 reps on the cable machine triceps pushdown and 2 sets of 15-20 crunches to target core muscles.


Today is a day of active rest for Liver King. He begins by going out for a fast-paced walk around his neighborhood or local park for 45 minutes to allow himself time to recover from yesterday’s workout while still staying active and keeping his cardio up.

After his walk, he stretches for a while before going home to start getting ready for his workouts the next day. 


Liver King starts his day on Wednesday with 15 minutes of interval running on the treadmill. He starts with a 5-minute warm-up jog, then alternates 30-second sprints with a 1-minute jog for 15 minutes. This helps him quickly improve his cardiovascular endurance and burn fat faster.

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Afterward, he spends some time stretching before heading into the gym to do 4 sets of 8–10 reps on standing military presses, 4 sets of 10–12 assisted pull-ups, 3 sets of 8–10 dumbbell bicep curls, and 3 sets of 20 second planks to work on core stability and upper body strength, respectively. 


This morning, Liver King starts with a moderate-intensity bike ride outdoors; cycling helps him build up leg muscles while getting great cardio benefits at the same time.

Following this, he moves onto exercises using weights; performing 5 sets of 8–10 reps each on leg presses and leg extensions, followed by 4 sets of 10–12 reps on seated cable rows and 3 sets of 8–10 reps each on shoulder raises and lateral raises, hits all muscle groups without straining too much due to the low rep ranges.

To end off this workout, he does 2 rounds of 25 crunches per round, focusing on both core stabilization as well as the flexibility necessary for preventing injuries during more strenuous exercises down the line. 


It’s arm day today, so Liver King begins this morning by getting some blood moving throughout his arms by jumping rope for 15 minutes before warming up further by doing arm circles and wrist rotations for another five minutes or so.

Afterward, it’s onto weighted exercises like bicep curls (4×8), triceps dips (4×15), reverse grip cable rows (3×10), bent over lateral raises (3×8), hammer curls (3×12), pushups (3×20), and skull crushers (2×15).

For core strength, Liver King finishes off this workout with side planks (2×45 seconds per side). 


Today is a rest day! However, a little bit of activity never hurt anyone, so Liver King opts for a light jog in nature so that he can enjoy both wonderful views while burning some calories without overexerting himself before Sunday’s efforts! 


On Sundays, Liver King likes to keep things interesting by challenging himself with something new; today it’s kettlebell swings!

He begins with bodyweight squats, lunges, and pushups and quickly progresses to heavier weights, ranging from 12 kg kettlebells to 20 kg maximum repetitions per set depending on how comfortable he feels at each weight level, usually about 7 repetitions per set at heavier weights, dropping slightly to 8 or 9 repetitions when decreasing weight load, and incorporating pauses during every fifth repetition taken just a second at a time.

Once finished here, Liver King ends it all off nicely via stretching consisting mostly of dynamic stretches such as deep lunge holds, forward and backward bends, hip circles, etc.

Liver King’s Workout Routine

Liver King’s Diet Plan

Liver King is a prime example of the power that ancestral eating habits can have on one’s overall health.

His diet is full of raw, fresh, whole-organ foods like raw eggs, meat, and bull testicles. What’s interesting is that, unlike most fitness enthusiasts, he doesn’t count calories or track macros.

Instead, his approach to optimal performance lies within his ability to pay attention to what his body specifically needs for nourishment, disregarding any set number of servings and rigid guidelines.

He shows in a graceful way how ancient practices, when combined with modern knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle, are essential for reaching fitness goals.

Sample meal plans for Liver King’s diet plan 


Liver King starts off his day with a hearty breakfast. This includes raw eggs, fresh vegetables, and cuts of meat like beef liver, lamb heart, bull testicles, and venison. He takes advantage of the fact that raw foods provide more nutritional value than cooked ones and adds in some healthy fats such as coconut oil, butter, and avocado for extra energy.

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Liver King usually prefers to keep lunch light; opting for some form of soup or stew made from fresh vegetables, organ meats, and bone broth. He also likes to add a side of raw eggs or some yogurt, as well as some kraut or fermented vegetables for gut health.


Liver King enjoys a variety of dishes made from fresh vegetables and organ meats for dinner. His favorite dish is a casserole loaded with beef liver, lamb heart, and venison that he cooks in chicken bone broth for added flavor and nutrition.

He also likes to end his day with some fermented vegetables for their probiotic benefits.


In between meals, Liver King likes to snack on raw eggs, beef jerky, and nuts. He also enjoys sipping on bone broth throughout the day for added hydration and nutrition.

Liver King’s Supplements & Recommendations

Liver King believes that including the right supplements in his nutrition plan is important for any fitness enthusiast, as it can provide them with an added advantage to support their muscle growth and strength gains.

He recommends a stack consisting of whey protein, creatine, mass gainers, and casein, which help boost muscle recovery, provide good calories, and keep his body in an anabolic state.

Taking casein before sleeping is particularly helpful, as it releases amino acids during the night while he’s asleep.

Liver King swears by his supplement stack and says that his workouts wouldn’t be as effective without the extra boost of these important nutrients.

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