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  • By: jacob foxx
  • Date: April 17, 2021

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I'm Jacob Foxx, a proud native of the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. I was enamored with the expansive Star Trek universe and its promise of cutting-edge technology and space travel from a young age. This early fascination with science fiction sparked my imagination and laid the foundation for my writing career. Alongside my love for the cosmos, I developed a passion for fitness in my formative years.

This dual interest in the world of tomorrow and the pursuit of physical health has greatly informed my writing, allowing me to explore themes of human potential and the future of our species. As an author, I strive to blend these passions into compelling narratives that inspire readers to dream and to push their own boundaries.

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  1. quality

    all is legit gains are solid after 8 weeks
    6 days for delivery even in covid times
    parcel was discreet no problems
    cheap compared to other website

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