Ice Spice Workout Routine and Diet Plan – Revealed

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  • Date: June 9, 2023
Ice Spice Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ice Spice, the rising American rapper, has already made a name for herself in the music industry with her chart-topping hits and critical acclaim.

However, the public is also curious about how she maintains her fit physique.

In interviews, Ice Spice has revealed that her workout routine includes a mix of strength and cardio exercises, with a focus on high-intensity interval training.

She also follows a balanced diet plan, incorporating lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

By prioritizing her physical health alongside her music career, Ice Spice shows that she is determined to succeed in every aspect of her life.

Ice Spice Body Stats 

  • Height – 5 ft. 6 inches or 1.6 m 
  • Weight – 52 Kg
  • Age – 23 years 
  • Chest – 33 inches
  • Waist – 24 inches
  • Hips – 36 inches 

Ice Spice’s Workout Routine

Ice Spice has amassed an impressive following of 6.8 million on Instagram alone. In addition to her musical talents, she also devotes time to maintaining her fit and curvaceous figure.

Her workout routine includes a variety of exercises such as stretching, Pilates, and yoga, which she practices for 40 to 60 minutes five days per week.

These workouts not only help her stay in shape but also improve her stability, endurance, and flexibility. With such dedication to her fitness, it’s no wonder that Ice Spice continues to impress and inspire her legions of fans worldwide.

Yoga and Pilates

Ice Spice incorporates both yoga and Pilates into her workout routine, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and balance. These practices not only complement her other training modalities but also promote mental clarity and relaxation.


Yoga helps Ice Spice improve her flexibility, posture, and overall body awareness. By incorporating various poses and stretches, she can target specific muscle groups and enhance her functional mobility. Some of her favorite yoga poses include:

  • Downward-Facing Dog
  • Warrior Series
  • Triangle Pose
  • Tree Pose
  • Child’s Pose


Pilates is an integral part of Ice Spice’s ab training, as it focuses on strengthening the core muscles and improving overall stability. The controlled movements and precise techniques involved in Pilates help her sculpt a strong and defined midsection. Some of her go-to Pilates exercises are:

  • Plank Variations
  • Leg Lifts
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Russian Twists

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular training plays a crucial role in Ice Spice’s workout routine, helping her maintain her impressive endurance and cardiovascular health. She opts for a mix of steady-state cardio and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), depending on her goals and energy levels. Some of her preferred cardio exercises include:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Jumping Rope
  • Stair Climbing
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Strength Training

To build lean muscle mass and maintain her extraordinary strength, Ice Spice engages in regular strength training sessions. She focuses on compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups, enabling her to maximize her workouts’ efficiency. Her strength training routine includes exercises such as:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press
  • Overhead Press
  • Bent-over Rows

By incorporating a variety of strength training exercises, Ice Spice ensures that her workouts remain challenging and effective.

Ice Spice Diet Plan

Active Recovery and Stretching

Ice Spice recognizes the importance of active recovery and stretching for maintaining her overall health and preventing injuries. She dedicates time to foam rolling, dynamic stretching, and light activities such as walking or swimming to aid in muscle recovery and improve flexibility. Some of her favorite stretching exercises include:

  • Pigeon Pose
  • Hamstring Stretches
  • Calf Stretches
  • Shoulder Openers
  • Hip Flexor Stretches

Ice Spice’s Diet Plan

Maintaining a healthy and nutrient-rich diet is a key priority for Ice Spice. She knows that fueling her body with lean protein, fiber, essential nutrients, and minerals is crucial for staying active and productive each day.

A proponent of freshly cooked meals, she avoids processed foods due to their lack of health benefits. To ensure she stays hydrated and supports her bodily functions, Ice Spice closely monitors her water intake.

As part of her dietary plan, she steers clear of meat, high-fat items, sugary treats, and processed foods, and sticking to these guidelines has allowed her to maintain fitness and overall health.

Sample meal plans for Ice Spice’s diet plan

Sample Meal Plan 1

  • Breakfast: Overnight oats with blueberries, chia seeds, and almond milk.
  • Lunch: A kale and quinoa salad topped with grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar.
  • Snack: A smoothie made with banana, spinach, almond butter, and unsweetened almond milk.
  • Dinner: Wild salmon served with roasted sweet potatoes and steamed asparagus.

Sample Meal Plan 2

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on whole wheat toast sprinkled with feta cheese or an omega-3 rich avocado toast.
  • Lunch: A bowl of lentils cooked in vegetable broth with a side of roasted vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms.
  • Snack: Greek yogurt parfait made with freshly chopped fruits like strawberries and blueberries.
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken seasoned with herbs served over mixed greens tossed in olive oil and lemon juice.

Is Ice Spice a Vegan? 

Although Ice Spice may not be a vegan diet plan, it still plays a significant role in her physical fitness and training.

As an athlete, she prioritizes consuming nutritious foods that provide her body with the essential nutrients it needs while avoiding unhealthy options. The key to a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a well-rounded diet and regular exercise routine.

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