What To Eat While Taking Phentermine ( What’s The Best Times?)

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  • Date: March 30, 2023
What To Eat While Taking Phentermine

Phentermine is an FDA-approved drug that aids in weight loss and obesity management for up to 12 weeks.

For best results, it’s important to eat foods high in protein and fiber to help suppress your appetite.

Fruits and vegetables should also be included in the diet to add volume with fewer calories. Furthermore, drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is essential for the effective use of phentermine.

While using phentermine, it is recommended to take the drug with meals rather than skipping meals altogether.

Following these guidelines can maximize the effectiveness of phentermine in achieving weight loss goals.

Is it better to take Phentermine with or without food?

One common question when it comes to taking Phentermine is whether it should be consumed with or without food.

While it may be tempting for some to skip meals while taking the medication, it’s generally recommended to take Phentermine with food.

This can help prevent stomach discomfort and ensure proper absorption of the medication. Even when engaging in intense workouts, it is still advised to take Phentermine with a meal.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that going below 1,200 calories a day can slow down metabolism and prevent fat burning, so it’s best to maintain a healthy and balanced diet while taking Phentermine.

Best Things to Eat When Taking Phentermine

1. Water

Ensuring you drink at least 8 glasses of water when taking phentermine should be a key part of any weight loss journey.

Not only does water help with bodily functions and keeping hydrated, but it can also improve the effectiveness of phentermine as an appetite suppressant.

Whether you prefer it chilled or warm, or even opt for green tea, every glass of water counts towards reaching your daily quota.

So grab a glass and watch as you not only feel healthier but also keep those cravings at bay.

2. High Protein Foods

Adding proteins to your diet is a good way to lose weight, especially if you are also taking phentermine.

Proteins have been found to burn more calories during digestion and metabolism, making them an excellent choice for those looking to shed excess fat.

Additionally, proteins can contribute to a longer-lasting feeling of fullness, reducing the likelihood of overeating or snacking excessively.

Excellent sources of protein include lean beef or pork, chicken or turkey without the skin, tofu, fish, low-fat dairy products, eggs, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

By eating a lot of protein and taking phentermine, you can lose weight in a healthy way.

3. Fiber

Fiber is gaining more and more popularity as a crucial component of weight loss.

Its unique ability to help us feel fuller while consuming fewer calories makes it an excellent tool for those looking to shed a few pounds.

It has been dubbed a “magic weapon” for weight loss due to its effectiveness in curbing cravings and reducing overall calorie intake.

The benefits of fiber are not limited to weight loss alone. It has also been found to support the appetite-suppressing effects of phentermine, making it an even more valuable tool in the fight against obesity.

Good sources of fiber include a variety of whole grains, beans, nuts, berries, bran cereal, baked potatoes with skin, as well as plentiful fruits and vegetables.

So if you’re looking to step up your weight loss game, be sure to include plenty of fiber-rich foods in your diet.

4. Meals that are alkalizing

Recent studies have shown that maintaining an alkaline urinary pH, between 7.5 and 8.0 may help extend the duration of phentermine in the body.

This is because a higher percentage of the drug in the body is excreted within 24 hours when the urine is acidic.

By eating certain alkalizing foods along with phentermine, a person may be able to make the drug work better and last longer.

Foods such as almonds, chestnuts, tofu, tomatoes, onions, and cinnamon are a few examples of popular choices that can help keep phentermine in the body for a longer duration.

To get the most out of phentermine, it may help to eat alkaline foods.

What Should You Eat for Breakfast When On Phentermine?

When taking phentermine, it’s crucial to plan meals ahead of time. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but figuring out what to eat can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are a variety of options to choose from. One option is tuna salad with hummus, honey mustard, and lettuce, which is both delicious and full of protein.

Another option is chicken strips with spinach and goat’s cheese. For those who prefer eggs, boiled or poached eggs are a great choice, as are omelets filled with tomato, spinach, and goat’s cheese.

Oatmeal with banana and Greek yogurt is a healthy and satisfying meal, too. Finally, don’t forget to add a side salad or fruit bowl to the menu.

With all these options, you can start your day off right and feel energized while taking phentermine.

Is It OK to Eat Fruit When On Phentermine?

Maintaining good dietary habits is necessary when taking phentermine, but is it okay to eat fruits? The answer is yes.

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Fruits are an important part of a healthy diet because they contain vitamins and minerals that help the body work better.

Additionally, their high water and fiber content help maintain healthy digestion. Opt for whole fruits instead of fruit juices to ensure maximum fiber intake.

To make sure that you’re sticking to a healthy and balanced diet, you should cook your vegetables using healthy methods like steaming or roasting, rather than frying.

Lastly, be mindful of your salad dressing choices, as many have high caloric content. Remember, a balanced diet is key to achieving better health outcomes when taking phentermine.

How Many Calories Should I Consume When on Phentermine?

When taking Phentermine, it’s natural to question how many calories you should be consuming to achieve optimal results.

Weight, gender, and activity level all have a big impact on caloric intake. For women, a daily intake of at least 1,200 calories is recommended, while men should aim for a minimum of 1,500.

However, active individuals may need more calories to sustain their energy levels. As a general rule, women should consume between 2,000 and 2,500 calories daily, while men should aim for 2,500.

By understanding your body’s unique needs and tailoring your diet accordingly, you can achieve your health goals while on Phentermine.

What Foods Should You Avoid If You Take Phentermine?

When taking this diet prescription, you should avoid the following foods (both healthy and unhealthy):

1. Sugary Foods

It is no secret that consuming sugary foods can be detrimental to one’s health, especially when trying to lose weight with the help of phentermine.

Processed snacks such as soda, donuts, and fruit juices are filled with sugar, which can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance.

This, in turn, can make it more likely that you will get serious diseases like obesity and diabetes.

To lose weight and stay healthy, it is important to stay away from sugary snacks like candy, processed meals, frozen meals, store-bought fruit juices, and dried fruits.

By making mindful food choices, anyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and reach their goals.

2. Basic Or Refined Carbohydrates

Taking phentermine can make it much harder to lose weight if you eat processed foods that are high in sugar.

These include sugary drinks like soda, sweet treats like donuts, and even fruit juices. Not only can these snacks and meals hinder weight-loss progress, but they can also lead to obesity and diabetes due to elevated insulin resistance.

It’s essential to know what foods to avoid, including candy, processed and frozen meals, store-bought fruit juices, and dried fruits.

By omitting these high-sugar options from your diet, you can take a significant step towards reaching your weight loss goals.

3. Alcohol

Taking alcohol and phentermine together can be bad for your health in many ways.

Not only does alcohol contain high amounts of sugar and empty calories, which can lead to weight gain, but it can also inhibit the liver’s fat-burning systems.

This, in turn, can decrease the chances of burning off excess fat and may even cause a loss in muscle mass. When properly monitored and taken as directed, phentermine can be an effective weight-loss medication.

However, when combined with alcohol, its potential benefits can be severely hindered. It is important to prioritize one’s health and avoid this dangerous combination.

4. Processed meats and junk foods

Proper nutrition is essential to a healthy lifestyle. While indulging in junk food and processed meats may seem like a tempting option, it is important to consider the potential risks associated with these kinds of foods.

Consuming high amounts of salt, unhealthy oils, and empty calories can quickly lead to weight gain and other health complications.

To maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, it is recommended to avoid fast food meals and processed meats such as sausages, salami, canned meat, bacon, and corned beef.

By making conscious food choices, you can help ensure a healthy future for yourself and those around you.

5. Foods Containing Trans Fats

People who are taking phentermine or who are just trying to eat healthy should stay away from foods with trans fats.

Trans fats have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, and when combined with phentermine, this risk can become even more pronounced.

Margarine and vegetable oil are common culprits when it comes to trans fat content.

People can support their heart health and improve their overall health by putting whole, nutrient-dense foods first and avoiding trans fats.

6. Acidifying Foods

While taking phentermine, it is important to avoid consuming acidifying foods such as soda, coffee, alcohol, ice cream, sugar, butter, and products containing white flour.

These kinds of foods can make the medicine less effective, which could stop you from losing weight the way you want to.

Also, you shouldn’t take phentermine for more than 12 weeks at a time because it could lead to dependence or addiction.

For those seeking sustainable weight-loss results, it may be beneficial to consider incorporating a healthy alternative such as PhenQ, in addition to a diet that avoids acidifying foods.

PhenQ: A Better Phentermine Alternative?

PhenQ is a popular weight loss supplement because it can make you feel full without making you dependent or giving you bad withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it.

It doesn’t require a prescription and has no known side effects, making it safe to use for long-term weight loss goals.

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Unlike phentermine, PhenQ not only burns fat but also reduces fat accumulation. It can even boost metabolism and balance mood, unlike its counterpart, which can cause depression and other mood disorders.

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PhenQ’s unique blend of caffeine and natural ingredients helps sustain energy levels and enables one to work out at all times.

PhenQ is a good choice for people who want to lose weight safely and effectively because it has a good reputation.


Why am I still hungry even when I’m taking Phentermine?

Phentermine is known for its appetite-suppressing effects. However, it is important to note that it does not eliminate hunger.

The body still requires sustenance and fuel for daily activities, and the hunger sensation is a natural response to that need.

With the help of phentermine, individuals taking it may find it easier to make healthier food choices. However, if you experience persistent hunger and cravings while taking the medication, it may not be effective for you.

It’s essential to talk to your doctor before discontinuing the medication, as phentermine withdrawal can cause serious symptoms such as nerve damage, tremors, congestive heart failure, seizures, stroke, and cardiac arrest.

What Time of Day Is Best to Take Phentermine?

When you take phentermine can have a big effect on how well it suppresses your appetite and gives you more energy.

For best results, it is recommended to take phentermine 30 minutes to an hour before breakfast.

This allows the medication to be absorbed and distributed throughout the body before the first meal of the day.

Your doctor may also suggest taking a second dose after breakfast or before lunch to maintain the effects throughout the day.

However, it is important to avoid taking the last dose of phentermine at night or close to bedtime, as it can cause insomnia.

Can I Take Vitamins When On Phentermine?

Phentermine should be taken with caution when paired with other vitamins or medications.

It is important to notify your doctor of any vitamins or supplements being taken before being prescribed phentermine, as serious side effects, including spotting or bleeding with oral contraceptives, can occur when they are combined.

Your doctor can figure out the best way to treat you, which might be to stop taking vitamins or find a different drug.

By keeping an open line of communication with your doctor, you can make sure that taking phentermine is safe and effective while keeping your overall health in good shape.

Can I Eat Right After Taking Phentermine?

When taking phentermine, it is natural to wonder about the appropriate time to eat. The effects of this drug are not universal and can vary based on factors such as age, gender, drug dose, and food intake.

It is important to note that some individuals may experience the effects of phentermine in as little as 30 minutes, while for others, the effects may take longer to manifest.

If you do not experience the desired effects of the drug, it is recommended that you discuss the issue with your doctor.

Your dosage may need to be adjusted, or alternate medications may be prescribed.

How Much Water Should I Drink When On Phentermine?

When taking phentermine or other weight-loss drugs, it is important to stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Not only does water make you feel fuller, but it also helps prevent you from confusing thirst with hunger. In addition, drinking enough water can prevent dehydration, which can cause the body to retain stored water and increase weight.

So, make sure to keep a water bottle handy and sip throughout the day to help support your weight loss goals.


Especially if you are taking phentermine, you need to eat well to lose weight safely and effectively.

Processed foods, sugary drinks and snacks, and fatty foods should be avoided as they can add empty calories and provide little nutritional value. Instead, opt for whole fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains to ensure a well-rounded and balanced diet.

Drinking plenty of water is also important, as it can help reduce hunger cravings and keep you feeling full for longer periods.

By choosing nutritious and wholesome foods, you can support your weight loss journey and improve your overall health.

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