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  • By: jacobfoxx
  • Date: January 7, 2021

The World Travel Guide (WCG) is the leading online flagship consumer brand in the Columbus Travel Media Group portfolio. With a print history that spans over thirty years, it’s printed heritage spans back over three decades. The World Travel Guide’s official website contains the most comprehensive travel content available anywhere on the internet, featuring travel reviews and recommendations from industry experts, summaries of travel newsletters, and a list of the best travel attractions, landmarks, and points of interest around the world. But perhaps the most important element of the WCG is its travel guide map. With detailed land and sea surface information, city and town maps, and bus routes, the World Travel Guide is indispensable for any modern traveller. For the first time ever, the WCG has also included detailed airport maps, covering major airports worldwide, in addition to airport parking, direction information, accessible public terminals, and detailed information about currency exchange rates.

The official site provides detailed information about all corners of the earth, including the inner and outer limits of continents, islands, dependencies, and even extinct pygmy or subspecies. Comprehensive travel information and guides cover overland, air, and sea transport, as well as land and water transportation. Another vital element of the travel guide is the coverage of sports and activities, which includes information on major sporting events from around the world. The World Travel Guide offers detailed maps of cities, including screenshots of aerial photographs, making it easier for holidaymakers to plan travel itineraries. Even though the site covers all aspects of travel, particularly business travel, the travel guide still comprises a section dedicated to entertaining and informative general travel content.

As part of the WCG, the site offers reviews and recommendations based on several factors, such as location, price, personal recommendation, ratings, personal experience, recommended tourist destinations, and the like. Reviews are divided into different categories, such as travel guides for young children and adults. The travel guide also covers major airlines and hotels, including details on discounts offered, special offers, and other information that may be of interest to holidaymakers. The travel guide has been reviewed by critics and experts in the field of travel and has been proven to provide accurate information and savings. Moreover, the WCG also provides travel tips and advice on local culture and cuisine, along with important travel and weather information.

Some online travel companies offer the services of World Travel Guide as a complement to their travel services. They create and publish travel guides covering the world, based on different time periods, genres, and regions. These travel guides enable travelers to plan their travel and avoid travelling during peak seasons when experiencing minimal discounts. Similarly, they can help travellers to book accommodation in luxury hotels at affordable rates.

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As part of the Travel Channel network, World Travel Guide also provides interactive quizzes, games, and other quiz programs for users in the UK and Ireland. Tested global brands like Kibo, Travelocity, and Virgin Atlantic are among the participating partners in this venture. Users can access travel guides from any location using the World Wide Web.

Moreover, World Travel Guide provides easy access to hundreds of travel related blogs, reviews, and articles written by experts in the travel industry. It also features travel tips on accommodation, destinations and itineraries, from experienced travelers. In addition, this service has links to various travel guides and maps for quick and easy reference. Moreover, this website also features a number of downloadable discount coupons which are useful for holiday makers planning their trips.

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